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NASA set to launch Sunjammer, the largest solar sail in history, with hopes to revolutionize near space travel
It might not get you all the way to Cardassia Prime, but NASA hopes its newly launched solar-sail Sunjammer program will lead to a future where propellantless space craft are used for a multitude of functions beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Once proven, solar sail technology could enable a host of versatile space missions, including flying an advanced space-weather warning system to more quickly and accurately alert satellite operators and utilities on Earth of geomagnetic storms caused by coronal mass ejections from the sun,” NASA said in a release.

Additionally, NASA sees the project as something that can work to help clean up the piles of floating space garbage in orbit. (NASA)


Kill them. Kill them all!


Kill them. Kill them all!



Why has Tumblr taught me more about basic living than all of my previous schooling experiences combined

is this true?

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Saving Lives!! #BloodDonations #OklahomaBloodInstitute #FreeSnacks #OPositive




How U.S. paid maternity leave stacks up internationally. Hint: Not well. More info: here 

Sweden: up to 68-96 weeks or more

US: 0

Th US sucks.. point blank period -___-

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